Day Twenty Six

Last night was a very noisy night. It turns out there’d been a big rugby tournament in the town, and our accommodation had the main bar in town. It was like being back in Frome with karaoke and drinking till gone 3am… Also, because our room was ground floor on the front we had to close the blinds. This caused a problem as I didn’t wake up until nearly 8am.
Despite hurrying through my usual morning routine, I sat and had a coffee once Marcus was ready.
We set off late, blue skies above and a warmth to the day that had me reaching for the suncream!
By the time we reached our first village, clouds had appearing in every direction. Our blue skies were diminishing quickly. I noticed the landscape was beginning to change again. More hills and valleys with less flat land.
The second church we arrived at, Marcus wanted to stop and eat. So we sat with four American pilgrims and as Marcus ate I talked with the others. The clouds were now over us and the odd drizzle had started. As I had my camera out I decided to put my poncho on again today. Within twenty minutes the sun was trying to shine through. I kept my poncho on as I knew if I took it off it would rain again. (So I looked like a muppet just to keep the other pilgrims dry)…! I catch my first glimpse of the Pyrenees, they look truly majestic in the background of this vast landscape. I feel like Frodo Baggins making my way to Mount Doom…
15km from Arzacq-Arraziguet and we arrive in a tiny hamlet called Uzan. We find a friend of the Camino offering hot & cold drinks in his yard. So we stop for a tea. We ask about the local gite but he cannot help us. We carry on maybe 300m further up the road and find the gite. It’s open but no one is there, we ring the doorbell of the house opposite. A young girl answers and Marcus starts talking with her about the gite. She goes off to discuss with someone else out of view. It turns out it’s full… The girl goes off again, we must have looked sorrowful as she comes back with her mother. More talking in French. I smile and nod… We are put up in their own house. So so kind. I know it’s only 15km today but with the late start and all the stopping it’s already 2pm. I rest, my feet hurt. Later in the day Anette & Sylvie also turn up and again are put up in the main house. We use the gite for food and washing…
Besides glimpsing the Pyrenees, today has been very uneventful really….
Also you may have noticed that I’m behind in my days. This is Sunday’s blog, I still need to do Monday’s as it is now Tuesday morning… Don’t ask!!!


About waytosantiago

The way of St. James is one of the three largest Christian pilgrimages of the world. I intend to walk one of the many routes which begins in le Puy en Velay, France. The route has been trodden by many weary souls, looking for answers, looking for adventure, for the obvious religious reasons, or just walked for the sake of it. I first came across the route about 6 years ago whilst reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Pilgrimage’, I decided maybe something could be learnt from spending so much time on the road in solitude. Being the kind of person that lives to work, these ideas were put on hold whilst my life moved steadily forward. Recently I’ve found myself longing for adventure and decided it was time to begin planning. Another thing I decided was if I was going to do this, I may as well try and raise money for charity along the way. So the story begins...
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2 Responses to Day Twenty Six

  1. jasmin says:

    I really like this photo 🙂

  2. Mike Davey says:

    Still with you mate and well done, sounds like the bulldog spirit is kicking in and the finest friend anyone could ask for is still plodding on. I am still bloody jealous and I quite often think about what you are doing during the day when I am banging away on my keyboard in the office. Wishing I was there walking the route with you. But then I think of the more leisurely walks acoss the Mendips when you get back. Sounds like the weather is holding which is a huge bonus. The wildlife diary is fascinating me and your Hoopoe sighting reminds me of when I saw one in England about 10 years ago (yes they do occasionally make it over here). Also wanted to let you know that I am moving house at the mo so my broadband will be unavailable for a few days but I have not forgotten you Tom. A blog comment is the first thing on my agenda when BT sort the transfer out. Just remember I am there with you in spirit and quite often in mind, keep it up your a bloody hero!

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