Tomorrow I leave for Blighty, I have mixed emotions. The last few days are a blur of beautiful little French villages and laziness. Tomorrow I return to two months worth of post and bills, chores to do and employment to find. The reality of stepping back into the rat race that we all call modern society, it doesn’t excite me… For the two months I was walking I didn’t see or read any news, I lived in a world without the grim headlines of crime, war and pollution. I knew it was all still out there, but it wasn’t pushed at me from every direction.
I could easily go back to the routine of walking, (if I had the finances), I miss it already, rising at the crack of dawn, walking through whatever weather is thrown at me (although I had been so lucky over the last two months across France & Spain, lots of sunshine with little rain).
The modern pilgrim has no worries of bandits and wolves, it could almost be considered an easy time, but for those that have walked the Camino, we know otherwise. Yes we are lucky to of done it, to have seen all the beautiful places along the way and made friends on the road, but it certainly wasn’t easy!
I’m rambling. Rambling because I’m nervous of what awaits me back at home in England. I’ve never felt like this before, even after my ten months round Australia, I didn’t feel so anxious. Perhaps I should carry on walking…. Forrest Gump style??!

About waytosantiago

The way of St. James is one of the three largest Christian pilgrimages of the world. I intend to walk one of the many routes which begins in le Puy en Velay, France. The route has been trodden by many weary souls, looking for answers, looking for adventure, for the obvious religious reasons, or just walked for the sake of it. I first came across the route about 6 years ago whilst reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Pilgrimage’, I decided maybe something could be learnt from spending so much time on the road in solitude. Being the kind of person that lives to work, these ideas were put on hold whilst my life moved steadily forward. Recently I’ve found myself longing for adventure and decided it was time to begin planning. Another thing I decided was if I was going to do this, I may as well try and raise money for charity along the way. So the story begins...
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  1. Neil Lumby says:

    Maybe you should…

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